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About Good Friends of the First State

We are comprised solely of female volunteers. 

Our mission is to improve lives and inspire hope for women in our community by providing critical financial stability.

Board of Directors

Sabrina du Pont-Langenegger  |  Founder and Chair

Vera Belger  |  Luncheon Committee Co-Chair

Tenley de Ramel  |  Luncheon Committee Co-Chair

Michele Harra  |  Investor Committee Co-Chair

Eliza Loftus |  Secretary

Kyle McKean  |  Marketing (not pictured)

Kristy Mottola  |  Investor Committee Co-Chair

Katie Skrobot  |  Treasurer

Kelie Toth  |  (not pictured)


Get Involved

Type of Comittees
Luncheon Committee

Co-chaired by Vera Belger and Tenley de Ramel, this committee will meet several times a year in person or via zoom.  Responsibilities include  planning and orchestrating the annual luncheon, which serves as our primary fundraiser. 

Investor Committee

Co-chaired by Michele Harra and Kristy Mottola, this committee meets several times a year in person or via zoom.  Tasks include raising funds to cover our annual operating costs and luncheon.  This will ensure that donations made can directly reach women in need.   

Junior Committee

Led by Meghann Beringer, this committee will meet several times a year to educate young girls about our cause and encourage them to give back.  Responsibilities will include writing thank you notes to our donors and also hosting a separate youth fundraiser.

Join our Junior Committee

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