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Application Guidelines & Procedures

A Professional is defined as a Social Worker, Case Manager or Healthcare Provider.

A Consumer is defined as person or family in need and must be a woman or girl.


A Professional becomes aware of a Consumer’s emergency need and submits an Application to Good Friends of the First State. Consumers are NOT allowed to submit an Application for themselves. A Professional must confirm that Good Friends of the First State is the last place you look for funds after other resources have been exhausted. Our funds are used for crisis intervention requests.


A Professional must complete the Good Friends of the First State Monetary Request Application. Referrals must be screened, verified and provided by a Professional who has been working with the family, or has had an interview by a social worker, case manager or healthcare professional who will submit the Application. The family needs to be approved for the services being provided by that agency. Workers may not refer friends or family members.


In the event of payment to a third party, the Professional must contact the vendor directly to determine the total amount owed or the cost of an item that is needed. The standard procedure is for two price quotes from reputable vendors. Invoices must be presented to Good Friends of the First State.


When the Application is received we will review for completeness and check to see that it meets our requirements. Factors taken into consideration: 


a) Income

b) Situation

c) The policy is to assist eligible Consumers once per 12 months.

d) Will the funds provided resolve the Consumer’s emergency? 

e) Has the Professional (or other agency) utilized resources to resolve the problem before making the request to Good Friends?

f) Good Friends of The First State will only distribute up to $1,500 maximum for any one need.


After considering the above, the Application is approved or denied. Once a decision has been made, Good Friends of the First State will notify the Professional. It is their responsibility to ensure that the Consumer is notified. The Professional is also responsible for notifying the vendor of a verbal commitment to assist. Good Friends of the First State approvals are processed and the check is mailed, or payment is made with credit card when possible, to the vendor or agency. Good Friends of the First State reserves the right to approve or decline a referral based on its own sound discretion and judgment.

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